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Brand Development


Who are you as a brand?


It’s important to establish who you are as a brand because everything else you do as a business will be based on this.

The more you define this prior to actually manufacturing products, the more clarity you will have and the less mistakes you will make in the future (therefore saving you and your business money, time and resources). 


Our brand development programme spans over a period of 2 months and is structured as follows:



Month 1: 


We use our industry expertise and conduct external market research on your product category, market segment and target customer. We then make some recommendations based on our research and consultation notes. This will help you to know where you stand against the competition, what your strengths are and what areas you need to rethink. 



Month 2: 


We work with you to solidify your brand identity, brand voice and all the other components of branding (there are many!) so that you can put yourself out there and let everyone know how amazing you are in a clear and consistent way. 


At the end of the programme you will have a complete brand pack which you can use as a point of reference or as a working document to guide your decision-making and show to anyone you work with in the future - from employees to manufacturers or business partners. This helps to give a structure to everything you do from the very beginning stages. 


Price: £595 (instalment option available)

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